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25406y14ez6wf5423nic0s4dl81136tm   akqatiei   allshells   am   Awai   awj   blinkenshell   bored   bushblows   Bv   catb   cfqt   cgiirc   col   Contact   currently   deemia   dg   eilc   Eilq   esr   ezq   faqs   fmrycgmia   fxiaamex   gckzlx   gnu   Hint   instead   ioi   jnrgxee   kjm   Kq   Links   love   lrd   Lrthhb   matrix   Me   me   mjtw   mq   nerd   nothing   offset   ozve   phyo   pj   pjirc   pzgi   qi   questions   Read   say   scva   sf   smart   States   suprise   Thims   thims   this   tired   to   tzst   ukmkd   United   ut   ux   vyk   whwy   wit   wzvp   xfefe   xm   ykryrvf  

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Email: <>

  • IRC: thims

Location: United States

.: /me is a nerd :.

I am 20, I am currently bored, tired, and have nothing to say. Read this instead

I love a suprise - (Hint: The matrix was offset)

Kq col fmrycgmia mjtw cfqt, X deemia mq eilc awj as ukmkd ozve fxiaamex. Eilq wit dg scva phyo ykryrvf qi vyk ux akqatiei ut h pzgi xm tzst.gckzlx@xfefe.ezq , wzvp ioi jnrgxee sf "Awai Lrthhb Bv" lrd kjm whwy '25406y14ez6wf5423nic0s4dl81136tm'.