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Creating a profile

You don't have to create a profile here, instead try logging in with your Blinkenshell Signup account (you might have to log in twice before it works, because of some bug...)

Creating a profile will only allow you to edit pages on this website/wiki. It will NOT create an account for you on the shell server!

It is best to choose a WikiName (like FirstnameLastname) as username to get your changes and signatures link back to your WikiHomepage. Your email is needed for you to be able to get notifications on page changes and to recover lost login data.

Resetting password

If you forgot your password, provide your email address and click on Mail me my account data.

The email you get contains the encrypted password (so even if someone intercepts the mail, he won't know your REAL password). Just copy and paste it into the login mask into the password field and log in.

Then change your password to a known value and save your settings.