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Welcome to Blinkenshell!

Hi there, welcome to! This is a free shell account service. I provide shell access on my server to any user for free, provided that they show a good will and follow the rules.

The service is intended to create a community with users who are curious and likes to learn new stuff about computers in general. This is a great place to be if you are looking for somewhere to learn about ["UNIX"], learn about programming/scripting or if you just want to use ["IRC"]. You can also create advanced websites with dynamic content and database storage.

The server is located in my basement and is not intended for any commercial use. It doesn't cost anything to use and does not provide any guaranteed uptime, availability, quality of service or any warranty.

If you want to sign up for an account, take a look at the [:Info/Signup:signup info].

This website is based on MoinMoin wiki engine. You can edit the contents of the pages by clicking on "Log in" on the top of the page and then signing up for an account. By creating an account on this webpage you are Not automatically registered for the shell service.

Current events

  • Happy new year!
  • Blinkenshell is about to move to a new IRC-network because shellsnet is closing down. There's a new channel (#blinkenshell)

    available on the IRC-network Web access to IRC is now available through CGI:IRC here:

  • Everything up and running, we are accepting new registrations.

Short info

There is currently one server on Blinkenshell, it's called Titan.


Blinkenshell - Titan

SSH Access


SFTP Access



50 MB







Eggdrop bot



yes (


yes (v 5)


yes (1)


yes (web access)




  • ["SSH"] and SFTP access
  • 50 MB Quota (25 MB for homedir and 25 MB for website)
  • IRC access using irssi, BitchX or ircII (and screen of course). No bots are allowed: ["Bots"]. No bouncers (BNC).
  • ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN access via CenterICQ. Jabber access.
  • Development environment: compilers (C, C++ etc), interpreters (Python, Perl, PHP), code editors (Emacs, nano, VIm), utilities (Subversion, CVS)
  • Webhost ( , ["PHP"] (v5) enabled)
  • Database (MySQL , 5 MB Quota, optional)
  • Mail ( , optional)

Server info

More info

  • ["Info/Signup"] - Instructions on how to apply for an account.
  • ["Info"] - Links to pages with more information.
  • ["FAQ"] - Frequently asked questions.
  • ["Links"] - Some external links.
  • TitleIndex - Index of all the pages on this site.


Contact information:

  • IRC: #blinkenshell @ (old)

  • IRC: #blinkenshell @ (new)
  • Email at: [:JohanMarcusson:independence] at