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= Links =
== Internal links ==
 * http://marcusson.no-ip.com/mrtg/ - Some graphs over CPU usage, RAM usage, network activity, latencies to other hosts etc.
 * http://blinkenshell.org/uptime.txt - Uptime statistics, updated once per day. Shows top 3 since summer 2007.
 * http://titan.blinkenshell.org/ - Some status info, logged in users, list of all users and webpages etc.
 * http://signup.blinkenshell.org/ - List of all users in the signup process and their process.
 * http://blinkenbot.blinkenshell.org/ - Statistics from the main [:Info/IRC:IRC] channel.

== External links ==
 * http://www.irssi.org/documentation/startup - Startup HOWTO for the irssi IRC client.
 * http://f0rked.com/articles/irssi - How to Efficiently Use Irssi and Screen
 * http://konst.org.ua/centericq/ - Textbased IM client installed on the server (MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo).
 * http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/ - The icons on the frontpage are from this guy.
 * http://www.xs4all.nl/~whaa/putty/ - SSH client for Windows with URL hilight ond more (putty fork)
http://pantyhose-448.givexx.net http://girl-48-856.gowerd.net http://girl-40-381.gowerd.net http://girl-151-507.gowerd.net http://girl-74-678.gowerd.net http://naked-40-875.givexx.net http://lesbian-25-624.fastbir.net http://girl-60-249.gowerd.net http://girl-4-519.gowerd.net http://nude-88-603.givexx.net http://nude-1-91.givexx.net http://anal-4-52.fontex.net http://lesbian-16-402.fastbir.net http://69-2.fontex.net http://gang-bang-290.firbi.net http://nude-41-876.givexx.net http://naked-25-103.givexx.net http://nude-62-763.givexx.net http://dick-13-568.firbi.net