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Johan Marcusson, aka Independence

Hello there! I'm the founder of, you can turn to me if you have any questions about this service or anything related. You can find me on the chat, where I go by the nickname Independence.

I'm living in Sweden (timezone CET), and I'm currently studying at Jönköping University to become a Cisco certified network technician.

I'm currently 20 years old. My interests is mostly related to computers, such as programming, UNIX and networking. I've been using Linux since about five years or so, and I really like it. My desktop machine runs Gentoo Linux with the latest Gnome version. Music taste:

I speak English and Swedish, and I might be able to understand a couple of words of Norweigan/Danish/German or other related languages :)

Contact me

  • IRC: independence @ {Allshells, Freenode, Quakenet...}

  • Email: <independence AT blinkenlights DOT se>

  • Jabber: independence AT lysator DOT liu DOT se

My OpenPGP public key and fingerprint: johanmarcusson.gpg ( C833EACA )