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 * Email: [[MailTo(independence@blinkenlights.se)]]
 * Jabber: [[MailTo(independence@lysator.liu.se)]]
 * ["Info/IRC"]: independence
 * Email: independence (at) blinkenlights (dot) se
 * Jabber: independence (at) lysator (dot) liu (dot) se
 * [:Info/IRC:IRC]: independence @ {irc.overloadx.net, ["Freenode"], ...}

Johan Marcusson, aka Independence

Hello there! I'm the founder of Blinkenshell.org, you can turn to me if you have any questions about this service or anything related. You can find me on the [:Info/IRC:chat], where I'm using the handle Independence. I'm living in Sweden, which is in the timezone of Centeral Europe CET (or GMT+1). If I'm idle and not responding in the chat channel, maybe it's because it's in the middle of the night at my place (or in the middle of the day rather, I'm mostly up at night ofcourse ;-) ). In that case, you can try to send an email instead.

I'm currently unemployed, so if you need someone to do system administration or some web development/programming send me an email!

Some quick facts

I live in Sweden. I was born in 1987 (currently 19 years old). My interrests is mostly related to computers, such as programming, UNIX, networking, web and such. I've been using Linux since about five years or so, and I really like it. My desktop machine runs Gentoo Linux with the latest Gnome version. Music taste: http://www.last.fm/user/independence/

Contact me

  • Email: independence (at) blinkenlights (dot) se
  • Jabber: independence (at) lysator (dot) liu (dot) se
  • [:Info/IRC:IRC]: independence @ {irc.overloadx.net, ["Freenode"], ...}

(Open)PGP Public Key

My ["OpenPGP"] public key and fingerprint:


Fingerprint: C833EACA