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How can I send file to my Blinkenshell account since there is no ftp access?

Remember that based on the rules you need to check your disk usage with quota in order to avoid problems.


Use pscp from Putty if you're comfortable with command line programs, or WinSCP if you prefer a GUI program with drag and drop convenience. If you really do file transfer very often, consider DokanSSHFS, a C# implementation of sshfs that let you mount your account as a networked drive.


pscp -P 2222 myfile mynick@ssh.blinkenshell.org:/home/mynick/


scp -P 2222 myfile mynick@ssh.blinkenshell.org:/home/mynick/
scp -P 2222 -r mydir mynick@ssh.blinkenshell.org:/home/mynick/

Or, to your publicly accessible web dir:

scp -P 2222 myfile mynick@ssh.blinkenshell.org:/home/mynick/public_html/
scp -P 2222 -r mydir mynick@ssh.blinkenshell.org:/home/mynick/public_html/


Use the ftp command from blinkenshell :

  1. start an ftpd on your publicly available machine
    1. on Windows use FileZilla server

    2. on Linux man your-installed-ftpd
    3. open your firewall
    4. forward your port 21 on your router
  2. login on blinkenshell
  3. ftp -p (for passive mode)

  4. open your_public_IP

    1. the login and password you set up earlier in step 1
  5. cd yourdir

  6. get yourfile

  7. exit

  8. vi yourfile

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