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Here you can suggest new features and services for Blinkenshell.

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Vouching while online

Allow vouching while user is online.

"Negative vouch"

Implement some sort of mechanism to add "negative vouches" for people who misbehave.

Mailing lists

Does anyone need this? -- JohanMarcusson 2007-06-16 17:05:25

Implemented suggestions


Again, for version control, but doesn't require a separate server, so it's not as complicated to set up.

Done. Git and bazaar is now installed. -- JohanMarcusson 2007-06-16 17:05:25

The possibility to buy more space

You can get more space by donating! :-) -- JohanMarcusson 2007-06-16 17:05:25

Denied suggestions

Source Repository

CVS and/or SVN server, with a simple interface to create accounts/projects/etc. You already provide compilers, and you should never code without version control.

I think I'll have to redirect to sourceforge/google code for this ane at the moment -- JohanMarcusson 2007-06-16 17:05:25